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[ROM][CM7.2] AeronMOD

[ROM][CM7.2] AeronMOD

Dvikzz -  This AeronMOD(2.3.7) Based on CyanogenMOD RC1 By @percy_g2 If you ask about bug the answer is same as The based Rom too, this Rom Very smooth and faster i had no lag because my device never lag , if you dislike my work just go out from my thread i will appreciate it because im noob just want to make some change


  • Gapps Included
  • Smooth, With Minimal Script Init.D
  • Holo KitKat UI
  • Latest CM7.2 sources for Custom Kernel and Stock Kernel
  • Reincardio Engine, The Reincarnation Of Audio Engine
  • Include Reincarnation Engine (Wait For Release)
  • Apollo Music Player
  • No Useless Apps
Installation Guide
  • Download File Rom (2nd Post)
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Flash Any Kernel Support CM7 For GT-S5360 Only
  • Advanced
  • Format /system,/cache and /data (No /sdcard)
  • Mount /System,/cahce,/Data and /SDcard
  • Flash The ROM
  • Wipe Data and Cache
  • Reboot And Enjoy it !

  • @percy_g2 for Base ROM
  • @Mobint For Holo
  • @Rheivaldo For My Inspirated
  • @aniket.lamba for my teacher and review my rom
  • @Nachiket.Namjoshi For the Kernel
    if your name should be here , PM me !

    MEDIAFIRE : Aeron-D#1.0.2
    Black reActor kernel : CM#v1 (I recommend)

    [ROM][PORT][CM7.2] Radiance Final For Galaxy Young [GT-S5360]

    [ROM][PORT][CM7.2] Radiance Final For Galaxy Young [GT-S5360]

    Screenshots dont do it justice still....

    Features - #Storages
    Faster storages
    Auto cache clean n every boot
    Very low internal memory utilization

    #Silent features :
    Gapps included
    NO battery loss when screen off
    Full cm7 theme support
    100% bug free
    Trans-Layer UI(With lots of transparency)
    Removes useless system sounds
    Changed UI sounds
    Built in wallpapers
    Super SU
    Low memory footprint
    Status bar soft buttons-Enable in CyanogenMod Settings-Tablet Tweaks
    And lots more...Explore yourself

    Installation Guide

    1.Download the rom given below.
    2.Place it in the root of your sd card.
    3.Go to CWM and under mounts and storage,format system,data and cache.
    4.Go back and wipe data and cache.
    5.Again go to mounts and storage and mount system,data,cache and sd card.
    6.Flash the rom
    7.Wipe data and reboot.

    Dvikzz - Hi guys! Since I'm always seeing a post about Amarullz and other A2SD scripts having problems like random force closes, bootloops, slow read/write and not working on Stock and CM9/10 Roms. I'm going to share with you an awesome alternative to those A2SD scripts like Link2SD, Amarullz, S2E, and DarkTremor's A2SD. I'm just sharing this so if you don't wanna use it leave it. I'm just giving you guys alternatives. Try to read the Notes first before posting violent reactions.

    Original Thread by croniccorey
    All Credits goes to him.

    *Please try to read the whole thread to avoid problems especially the Prerequisites.
    *Please do a nandroid backup first if you're not coming from a fresh install of ROM so that we can avoid problems.
    *I am advicing you to flash this after a fresh install of ROM.
    *Please check your ROM's zip if it has a2sd scripts and remove it before flashing the ROM.
    *If you have any other installation methods kindly post it here.
    *The INT2EXT+ is the most advicable out of those scripts as it is the one used by the creator.
    *Moving /data/data to /sd-ext might slow down the performance of the phone.
    *If you choose a d2ext/int2ext script then remove the "06mountdl" or "06BindCache" in init.d folder if they exist as the script will do this from now on.

    (Taken from the thread)


    CronMod INT2EXT was wrote for use in my rom with the goal to achive a stable and fast way of moving the data partition of your phone to the sd-ext partition, they are available for all users and developers to use in any rooted rom with init.d support.

    CronMod INT2EXT scripts are the first universal INT2EXT method released

    Developer Stuff Next Post

    (All scripts are tested on Android 2.3.7 - 4.2.2)

    -Mounts /sd-ext to /data
    -Works with EXT 2/3/4 filesystems
    -ZipAligns /data/app on every boot
    -No symlinks

    -Mounts /sd-ext to /data
    -Leaves /data/data on internal for speed
    -Works with EXT 2/3/4 filesystems
    -ZipAligns /data/app on every boot
    -No symlinks

    -Mounts /sd-ext to /data
    -Works with EXT 4 filesystem
    -ZipAligns /data/app on every boot
    -No symlinks

    -Mounts /sd-ext to /data
    -Leaves /data/data on internal for speed
    -Works with EXT 4 filesystem
    -ZipAligns /data/app on every boot
    -No symlinks

    -Mounts /sd-ext to /data
    -Leaves /data/data on internal for speed
    -Works with EXT 2/3/4 filesystems
    -ZipAligns /data/app on every boot
    -No symlinks
    -Supports SWAP2INT
    -Completely universal (Testing is needed)


    -Rooted Rom with init.d support
    -SD-EXT partition
    -100mb internal is needed for every 500mb sd-ext

    SD Card Partitioning:

    Partition 1 - Fat32
    Partition 2 - Ext 2/3/4

    (Instructions based on ClockWorkMod recovery)
    -Download Chosen Script Below
    -Place on root of your sdcard
    -Reboot Recovery
    -Select "install zip from sdcard"
    -Select "choose zip from sdcard"
    -Select "CronMod-****_signed"
    -Select "mounts and storage" category
    -Select "format /sd-ext"

    (if you already use a A2SD/D2EXT/INT2EXT/M2SD script then you will need to remove it completely)

    Kindly go to the Original Thread for the download links.

    Download Managers for Android

    Download Managers for Android

    Dvikzz - On this post will shared some apps can make downloading very fast

    1 ♦ Get Them All
    • Features
    • Can Download Everything
    • Download Videos From
    Video Sites (Youtube not supported)
    • Browser, share link support
    • Pause, Resume, Add
    ♠ Install :

    2 ♦ ADM
    • Advanced Download Manager Features
    • Top Class Downloader
    • Pause, Resume, Browser
    • Schedule, Share Link
    • Nice Interface
    ♠ Install :
    • Cataloging

    3 ♦ LoaderDroid
    • Best Pause & Resume
    • Update Link
    • Scheduling
    • Fast Downloading Large Files

    4 ♦ One Browser
    ¶ It's not a Downloader It's a Browser But It Downloads Very Fast
    • Fast Downloading
    • Fast Browsing
    • Pause, Re-start
    Also :

    5 ♦ Download Manager For Android
    • Superb Fast Downloading
    • Browser, Pause, Resume
    • Share Links

    ÷ There Are Many This Type Of Apps In Market But This Five Are The Best. Download Speed Depends on The Network.
    U Can Try These Apps Also
    ♪ Download Blazer
    ♪ Easy Downloader Pro
    ♪ UC Browser
    ♪ Smart Downloader

    BlackBerry Messenger for Galaxy Young [WORK CORRECTLY]

    BlackBerry Messenger for Galaxy Young [WORK CORRECTLY]

    Dvikzz - Hello as i read from some forum on our facebook group i think it is okay for me to share it here

    so finally, this is BBM for our lovely Galaxy y

    how to install:

    1. Download all related files on link that given bellow and you must have titanium backup or your BBM will keep on infinity loading
    2. Install BBM For Gingerbread Beta.apk and don't open it
    3. Now download backup files named " " that i attached
    4. Extract all and put the content inside titanium backup folder
    5. Open titanium backup and restore BBM Data only
    6. After restore complete, now return to your BBM and open it, voila success

    note :
    - i use evolution x-4 rom and hell fusion #50 kernel

    download link for bbm: here !

    backup file attached

    here some screenshoot

    Release 29 Jan 2014 FullChet Point Blank Real Anti Banned

    Download File free

    Dvikzz -
    Simple Feature
    • Real Anti Banned ID = Auto On
    • Wallhek = INSERT On/Off
    • Cit Pangkat = F5 On Tero Mode | F6 On Police Mode | F7 OFF  ( Baru )
    • Change Name = F5 On Tero Mode | F6 On Police Mode | F7 OFF  ( Baru )
    • GM Mode = F5 On Tero Mode | F6 On Police Mode | F7 OFF  ( Baru )
    • Yellow Chat GM = F5 On Tero Mode | F6 On Police Mode | F7 OFF  ( Baru )
    • Skill = F10 On Tero Mode | F11 On Police Mode | F12 OFF
    • No Respawn Time = F10 On Tero Mode | F11 On Police Mode | F12 OFF
    • Quick Change = F10 On Tero Mode | F11 On Police Mode | F12 OFF
    • Skill = F10 On Tero Mode | F11 On Police Mode | F12 OFF
    • HP Up == F10 On Tero Mode | F11 On Police Mode | F12 OFF

    Tutorial  :
    • Donwnload Chet
    • Extraxt File - Klik kanan Extraxt here
    • Buka file gratis PB / Chet PB Yang Barusan Agan Download
    • Klik Ok
    • Muncul injectnya
    • Buka PBLauncher
    • Baru STAR PointBlank Launchernya
    • Happy gamming

    *Note : FOR Windows 7 : MUST READ ! <<

    Created By Muhammad Johan

    [ROM][CM7][2.3.7][OTA] ►UltraBeam GB Revolutionary V1.5◄ For Galaxy Young [GT-S5360]

     [ROM][CM7][2.3.7][OTA] ►UltraBeam GB Revolutionary V1.5◄ For Galaxy Young [GT-S5360]

    Dvikzz - proudly present to you my UltraBeam GB Revolutionary, brought to you By XDA Senior Member @Stone. Cold
    A huge thanks to Mazer.One for his amazing banners


    UltraBeam GB, here to give your device the most amazing Experience!

    ScreenShots & ROM Reviews

    Basic instructions on how to install and use this ROM must follow each step by step

    Normal instructions:

    HTML Code:
    1. Download all files in the Downloads & GApps
    2. Go to recovery mode, and wipe data, cache, dalvik-cache
    3. Install UltraBeam GB Revolutionary V1.5
    4. Cronmod's Int2ext is already Installed!
    5. Reboot and enjoy UltraBeam GB Revolutionary V1.5
    6. Stay up to date, for PATCHES?



    Slaid480 for his amazing Fly On Mod!
    Broken.Down for ROM sources
    Croniccorey for his Int2ext+ which has been added onto Init.d tweaks!
    Roomz & Team Nexus for their brilliant ROM sources
    Cyanogenmod for Base ROM and sources
    WasimK32 for his ported Jellybread sources!
    Pator57 for helping me mod the ROM
    XDA for letting me give users what's best and for letting me publish my work
    Others whom i forgot...

    Some Quote

    we need to know something about life most important is knowledge